Faster Construction

Precast concrete reduces the construction and installation time on your project, which lowers your total cost. Walls can be produced off-site while on-site preparation work is beginning. When the site is ready for installation, the system can be transported and immediately erected, which saves weeks of on-site form work and curing time.

Efficient Design

Precast walls can also integrate insulation, conduit and structural systems. This eliminates multiple products, processes and labor that add cost to a project. Precast is poured indoors, so your project will have no construction delays due to inclement weather—again, lowering your total costs.

Aesthetic Flexibility

Precast allows designers to be innovative and attain design objectives that are not possible through traditional construction techniques. An unlimited number of form liners and admixtures allow precast concrete to have the appearance of a variety of building materials. These include brick, stone and other masonry products, and are much lower cost than traditional building materials. Brick or stone can also be placed in the mold prior to pouring concrete. Once the concrete has cured the material will be cast into the wall, eliminating extensive labor and delays on the job site. By choosing precast early in the design phase, designers can utilize the full benefits of precast concrete.


Precast concrete products are developed in a controlled manufacturing environment, which produces the highest quality material possible. VANHOOSECO has its own central-mix concrete batch plant that provides the ideal environment for producing quality products. This proximity allows for ultimate material control and customization.

Environmental Friendliness

Precast helps projects achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification and a higher ranking by eliminating waste, incorporating fly ash and using locally produced material. Precast also has a high thermal mass, which minimizes energy consumption and costs for heating and cooling. Costly chemical cleaners are not needed for maintenance, which protects the environment while saving money.

Endless Possibilities

Optimum savings can be achieved when we work directly with design teams to develop the precast options for desired architectural finishes and structural requirements. This material creates high quality finishes and meets superior structural standards. VANHOOSECO® can coordinate the design, engineering and installation services to help make your project a success with a single source supplier.


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