Pre-Packaged Vaults

Pre-Packaged Vaults

With our line of pre-packaged vaults, you’ll always have a top-notch solution for your project, even when gravity is working against you. Each product, from wet wells to pump stations and water meter vaults, is designed, manufactured, and installed with quality, durability, and water-tightness in mind, guaranteeing high performance. Vaults can be produced in nearly any shape or size and arrive on the job site ready for installation.

Meter Vaults

Our precast concrete meter vaults function as the ideal solution in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. VANHOOSECO Precast’s vaults don’t simply provide easy access to water meters – they are also durable and environmentally friendly. Meter vaults can be manufactured with or without piping and meters pre-installed. Additionally, because our meter vaults are manufactured ahead of time in a controlled environment, considerable time is saved during installation on the job site.

Wet Wells

Our precast concrete wet wells are perfect for achieving water conveyance, even in difficult situations. Each product can be customized for your specific needs and is pre-packaged to eliminate on-site issues.

Pump Stations

Gravity working against you? VANHOOSECO Precast’s pump stations will do the heavy lifting. Designed with built-in pumps and monitoring equipment, our pump stations are easy to install and even easier to access after the job is done. Designed with modularity in mind, our pump stations can meet the needs of any imaginable project.


VANHOOSECO Precast’s trench products are durable – capable of standing up to even the most extreme environments – and adaptable, with a wide variety of sizes available for any layout. Our trenching systems are also economical, saving both time and money on the job site. Precast concrete trench systems are the ideal low-maintenance, cost-effective solution for your next project.


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