PEC (Power, Electrical and Communications Products)

VANHOOSECO Precast offers pre-engineered products for the power, electrical, and communications industries. Our diversified product line meets nearly any infrastructure need and includes an ample assortment of products:

  • Manholes
  • Vaults
  • Handholes
  • Switchgear Vaults
  • Telecom and Transformer Pads
  • Tunnel and Trench Sections
  • Rebuilt Manhole Replacements

In addition to our standard line of products, custom solutions, designed in-house by our experienced engineering team, are also available. Whether a standard or custom solution, our PEC products can be manufactured with all the pre-installed accessories you need, reducing your construction timeline and saving on job costs.


Building for the power industry is no simple feat. Structures must be durable, secure, and flexible. VANHOOSECO Precast’s products meet these needs and can be customized to allow for a wide variety of configurations. Each product protects the vital connections that help the power industry operate.


As populations continue to expand, higher amounts of energy consumption are forcing energy companies to require enhanced technologies to ensure their systems remain running strong. VANHOOSECO Precast’s electrical products have risen to meet the challenge. Our products, which house power cables, transformers, and more, are available in a variety of configurations. They serve as the perfect alternative to running electrical cable above ground.


With sensitive connections, data, and equipment at stake, count on VANHOOSECO Precast’s  durable line of products to meet all the needs of the communications industry. Highly customizable, our products can be designed to meet the exacting needs of the industry. Plus, with solutions manufactured ahead of time in a controlled facility, communications projects will dually benefit from ease of installation and long-lasting service.


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