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VANHOOSECO Precast’s varied line of Department of Transportation products are perfectly suited to meet the region’s ever-evolving infrastructure needs. From stormwater products to pipe and culverts, our precast solutions is durable and versatile, helping to convey water, build roadways, and expand transportation systems.


Precast concrete stormwater systems are vital to managing excessive water flow. Our products are sized to channel runoff from heavy rain to nearby bodies of water. Where products made from other materials may struggle, our precast solutions excel, capable of withstanding both the volume of water flowing through them as well as the external loading conditions. Because precast concrete is made from natural materials it is also environmentally friendly, making it a sustainable solution that moves water without negatively affecting water quality.


VANHOOSECO Precast manufactures a diverse line of sanitary precast concrete products that are engineered for the utmost quality and durability. Each product is watertight, ensuring decades of reliable service. Our sanitary products are ideally suited for a range of infrastructure applications and are available in both standard and custom configurations.

Reinforced Concrete Pipe

From durability to design flexibility and ease of installation, reinforced concrete pipe has proven its superiority throughout history. VANHOOSECO Precast’s pipe products are instrumental in protecting groundwater, and because they can be manufactured in a wide array of shapes and sizes, they can also meet nearly any infrastructure need. In addition to sanitary and stormwater applications, reinforced concrete pipe can also be installed for telecommunications or electrical work.

Box Culverts

Quality. Uniformity. Flexibility. Box culverts possess these characteristics and are ideal for a range of applications, including water conveyance, short-span bridges, tunnels, and more. Our box culverts are manufactured with durability in mind, resulting in long-term solutions that will exhibit decades of high-quality service. Plus, because our precast box culverts are manufactured ahead of time, installation is a breeze and can typically be completed in a matter of hours.

Box Bridges

Bridges are essential to our regional infrastructure. As populations continue to boom and transportation needs expand, the need for strong, durable bridges increases. Bridges constructed with precast concrete box culverts meet this need, and our products can be manufactured in a variety of configurations to fit nearly any project. Additionally, precast box bridges can be installed quickly, allowing motorists to resume normal travel with greater rapidity than other solutions.    

Three-Sided Culverts

Three-sided culverts boast an incredibly long service life and can be used for many of the same applications as box culverts. Like our box culvert products, our three-sided culverts can support vehicular traffic and can typically be installed in a matter of hours, saving time and money on the job site.


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