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ENVIROCAST WALLS – The Envirocast family of walls includes; Above Grade Residential Walls, Envirocast Basement Walls, and Envirocast ommercial Walls. Envirocast walls are suitable for use in single family and multi-family residential applications, as well as light commercial applications. 

Envirocast walls are offered in a variety of heights, depending on application, including 9′-3 5/8″, 10′-0″, 11′-0″, 12′-0″, & 13′-8″, with custom sizes available to meet your project specific requirements. These walls can be adapted to a variety of light commercial applications as well, such as storage, office building, warehouses, or any project requiring walls up to 36′ requirements. Rather than being a fixed product limited by design, the Envirocast Residential Walls are dynamic and can take on many shapes, forms, and functions.

The wall structural system consists of reinforced vertical and horizontal integral concrete studs and “bond beams” that provide vertical and horizontal flexural and shear capacity to meet all National, State, and local Building Codes. Wire mesh reinforcing may be added to enhance in-plane shear capacity. 

The insulating properties are achieved by a core of EPS insulation. R-Values vary depending on actual configuration, but typical values for the 9′-3 5/8″ and 10′-0″ walls are 23, while the 12′-0″ wall comes in at R 19.2. These values make these walls very attractive when considering the 2012 Energy Code requirements. 

To add to the value of the system, 1 5/8″ or 2 1/2″, 20 gauge metal studs finish out the inside of the wall, making it ready to receive the wall finish. The wall may even employ a no-metal stud application in some cases. Theses wall have been tested for UL1715 burn testing and achieved a passing score. 

In addition to the benefits mentioned previously of strength, durability, insulating value, and integral metal studs, these walls excel in speed of installation. As precast, they can be manufactured in plant controlled conditions while excavation is being performed on site, allowing for immediate installation of the walls. Most typical basements can be set in a day’s time as opposed to multiple days or even weeks like masonry or poured in place walls. In addition the plant controlled conditions allow for tighter tolerances and sharp, clean lines. 

The Envirocast walls system allows for several other important features including brick ledges, slab support ledges, beam pockets, and treated wood framing around window and door openings. The ship lap joint design and high strength concrete offer excellent damproofing qualities. Other precast accessories can be provided like footings, headers, columns, etc. for special applications. 

The walls may be stacked for multi-level buildings or for residential basement walls with above grade walls on top. We can provide pre-stressed hollow core slabs for floor applications upon request. 

The Envirocast Residential Wall is also available in a variety of finishes. From smooth to broom to brick stamp and more, the Envirocast Residential Wall can also be a versatile component of the building facade. 

Contact our sales team for more information on your specific applications.


BUILD FASTER SELL FASTER – Due to shortages of on-site trade labor, the residential housing industry is unable to keep up with the demand for rapid home construction. Pre-fabrication greatly increases the speed of residential home construction, and shortens the time to occupancy. Construction speed makes Envirocast wall systems the ideal choice for builders who need to build faster and get homes on the market sooner. Envirocast wall systems are a cost effective solution that makes it possible to install walls faster than wood frame or CMU block walls.

TIME MATTERS – When time is a priority and quality is a requirement, builders turn to Envirocast wall systems. Envirocast wall systems are engineered and designed to increase speed of construction. They feature flexible designs that are highly adaptable and have been engineered to fit a variety of applications. Our walls can be easily sized to meet specific project requirements. Large home builders, project developers, architects, engineers are embracing Envirocast wall systems as an improved alternative to stick built and concrete block construction.

*Most typical home exterior walls can be installed in a single day.



TRADE CHALLENGES – Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) Construction requires multiple trades and process steps that are interdependent and time consuming. CMU trades also require valuable dedicated site space for materials, and costly time for post trade site clean up.

CMU Construction typically includes installation of:

  • steel bar reinforcing
  • Concrete Masonry Units
  • electrical access conduits & boxes in CMUs
  • grout within reinforced CMU cavities
  • insulation in non-reinforced CMUs
  • interior or exterior vapor barriers
  • furring strips
  • door & window framing
  • exterior finish or EIFS
* Listing of most common processes used in CMU construction. Actual processes may vary.


TRADE CONSOLIDATION – Envirocast walls combine the work of multiple trades, eliminating costly time from the construction schedule as well as the delays often resulting from interdependent trades. Same day wall installation requires no long-term site space or costly site clean-up. 

Envirocast Walls typically include installation of:

  • Installation of complete wall units


When it comes to residential home wall construction, energy efficiency is key. The R-Value and the U-Value are two important indicators of how energy efficient a wall system is. The R-Value tells you how well a wall system resists the flow of heat energy through the wall assembly, the higher the R-Value number the better.

The U-Value, also known as the U-Factor, is a measure of how much heat is lost through a wall system. The U-Value includes three major processes by which heat loss occurs: conduction, radiation, and convection. The lower the U-Value number, the better.

Envirocast meets Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Home Energy Rating System (HERS) standards, and complies with green building practices and 2021 Energy Codes. Envirocast delivers superior R-Values from R-16.8 to R-21.3, and U-Values as low as U-0.059 depending upon the wall height and configuration.

*Listing of most common processes used in CMU construction. Actual processes used may vary.


THE VERSATILITY OF ENVIROCAST – Envirocast wall systems are available in a variety of finishes with a range of color and texture combinations. Finishes include smooth, broom, stucco, stamped brick, stamped stone, board & batten panel, smooth with brick tie backs, and more. Envirocast walls can also be a versatile component of the building facade.

Call our Envirocast Technical Team today for help designing your Envirocast wall solution. Let our team of experts help you get the look you want with the performance you need. 


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